Lasers as a Bird Spike alternative

There are multiple bird repellents or bird deterrents in the market. Bird netting and bird spikes act as good bird scarers. But technology has caught up to these pest birds. There are ways to harmlessly scare birds away from your property. Here comes the technology of laser as a bird repellent or bird deterrent. Bright lights often frighten birds.


Birds see bright green lights as a danger signal. These laser lights do not physically harm the birds. They just flash bright light towards the birds and scare them away. If used regularly, birds might steer clear of your area. Thus this is an eco-friendly and harmless way of repelling birds. There are many laser bird deterrent products which constantly change its patterns. This makes sure the birds don’t get accustomed.


Some varieties have a range of up to 10,000 sq. ft. use the laser beam in a zigzag movement when using along the ground or point on the ledge. There can be a fixed system working as a laser repellent. These systems project horizontal light beams across the area. These scare away birds. In addition to this technology, there’s another technology. This is a hand-held device which can be used to directly point at the birds. Lights can be used as serious and effective bird scarer but there have been many reports stating use of a laser to be unsafe. Many people can be injured by the laser beam.

Most common is eye injury as people who get the laser pointed directly into their eye suffer from damages. Felling unwell due to prolonged exposure to the laser is another negative phenomenon associated with this technique.