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Buy an easy to finish 80 percent lower kit
Build your approved firearm with the help of 80 percent lower

Buy an easy to finish 80 percent lower kit

This easy to finish AR15 80 percent lower is a receiver by AR15 build arm kit and it does not require an FFL (Federal Firearm License) transfer. AR15 80 percent lower receiver is the most commonly purchased 80% receiver. It looks similar to a firearm receiver but unlike a firearm receiver, it does not require to be transferred by FFL. According to design 80 percent, lower receiver helps and simplifies finishing tasks. 80 lower jig and various basic tools like a drill press, standard drill, mills bits, drill bits and laminate router are required to complete all the work of 80% lower. Furthermore, 80 percent lower jig is just like cherry to the cake. Choosing a proper jig can help in saving time and ease in finishing work. Assembling 80 percent lowers with right Jig set can help in making AR-15 projects much easier and efficient. A commercial product based on the military specification for Ar-15 will work with AR15 80 percent lower receiver. The work with the help of 80 percent lower becomes easy and simple also there are certain videos and paper manuals which provide instruction for using it. Mil-Spec AR15 lower receiver is the fully functional end product. The question arises why a person should buy AR15 80 percent lower rather than buying a 100 percent lower by the seller. Features in brief, Mil-Spec black Anodized color, No FFL Required for transfer i.e. purchase, Built of 7075-T6 aluminum, 100% Mill-Spec, Fire and Safe Selector Engravings, Made in USA product. Below mentioned are some reasons to satisfy person concerned to buy AR15 80 percent lower by the seller.

No FFL required
AR15 80 percent lower is only an arm AR15 build arm kit that does not require FFL (Federal Firearm License) transfer, this means there is no firearm license required for transferring i.e. purchasing AR15 80 percent lower.

Construction Elements
AR15 80 percent lower includes right side and left side plates as well as 3 plates on top and screws. It is constructed of durable 7075-T6 aluminum.

Made in the USA
AR15 80 percent lower kit is a made in USA product, for best usage, use the kit with right lower jigs.

100 percent Mill-Spec
80% lower is built to mil-spec is well matched with other mil-spec accessories, tools, and equipment.

Videos and Manuals
80% lower kit consists of videos and physical paper manuals that provide instructions to use the kit. There are online videos that show the whole process along with steps for using 80% lower kit. Printable instructions are also available for using the kit.

Lifetime warranty
AR15 80 percent lower comes with a lifetime warranty against any kind of manufacturing defects.
In a nutshell to encapsulate there are countless features and advantages along with low price which justifies person concerned to buy AR15 80 percent by the seller. Furthermore, AR15 80 percent lower receiver is the most commonly purchased 80% receiver as its accessories and various other parts are easily available in the commercial market.

Build your approved firearm with the help of 80 percent lower

To obtain a firearm, a simple process you need to know is to assemble one from parts. The firearms construction without a license is prohibited by the Federal law, but it can be made by those who own a business of manufacturing firearms. Thus, this law gives permission to make a firearm for personal use without a license until it’s not involved in any illegal activity, but an approved one is always favourable.

A simple way to create a firearm is to assemble the parts manufactured by raw materials. Use of partially finished materials makes it easy to assemble it, that popularize this process. 80 percent lower receivers or 80 percent side plate are these incomplete components whereas the percentage denotes the work prepared till the operation and how much remains. 80 percent lower provides you these parts referred including 80 percent Lower Receivers and 80 percent lowers Jigs, with no requirement of FFL. As these parts are not prohibited by federal law, therefore you are permitted to buy these parts and to machine your own firearm with a self-reliance.

80 percent lower

They manufacture these components with aluminum as a raw material and casts in heavy duty die that increases 80 percent lower receiver’s strength and resistivity to chemicals and shocks.

With these parts, 80 percent lower provides a kit jig that is assigned in easy to follow steps and makes it easy to combine the lower parts. By following these measures, one can easily understand the process of milling and drilling to machine his own firearm correctly. These guides assign you and don’t let you fall in glaring problems. A straightforward video works as the cherry on the cake and makes machining of the firearm so smooth. This video contains tutorials those instruct you about machining of the firearm.

These 80 percent lower receivers are exclusive die cast and powder coated. So the products you get are highly resistive to corrosion and wear and tear proof.

They manufacture AR15 80 percent lowers by four step quality process comprising first article inspection and capabilities, first piece inspection and approval, in process controls and audits, and final product check. In the end, AR15 80 percent lower provides you a great component that is a foundation of your self-developed firearm.

With this product, the company provides quality services for a lifetime. These 80 percent lowers comprise a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects without any charge. They also provide a return policy for AR15 80 percent lower for 10 days from the delivery, without any restocking fee.

So, if you are ready to get your self-made firearm, 80 percent lower is assisting you and making it very modest by providing you AR15 80 percent lowers.

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