First trailer lands for Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Parkis new animation Early Man

Aardman has revealed the first trailer for Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Parkis new animation Early Man.

The intro presents us to courageous caveman hero Finished, voiced by Eddie Redmayne, and his closest friend Hognob as they find a rabbit that might not be as simple as it appears. It produces another spin on the background music being played on-screen fun, but exhibits the usual Aardman appeal having a neat final joke.

In addition to the teaser trailer, Park revealed a whole variety of British personalities are joining Redmayne, Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and Tom Hiddleston around the prehistoric adventure.

“Today we get to satisfy Dug’s tribe, a lovely couple of misfits voiced by some exceptional British talent,” he announced.

“They’re essentially a group of inefficient cavemen and women including Treebor, performed by Richard Ayoade, a gentle giant afraid of their own shadow; Magma, Treebor’s no-nonsense mother voiced by Selena Griffiths and Mark Williams as Barry, whose bestfriend is a rock.

“Key Bobnar, voiced from the excellent Timothy Spall, brings the pack as their long suffering boss, and father figure to his tribe of idiotic brutes.”

EarlyMan uses Made, joined by gallant and indomitable rebel Goona (Williams), as he tries to combine their tribe from the great enemy Lord Nooth (Hiddleston) and his Bronzeage City to save their house.

It is currently filming in Bristol and marks Park’s first feature film since 2005’s Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

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