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Vasectomy Reversal – When should you take this up

Vasectomy Reversal – When should you take this up

Vasectomy reversal is surgical treatment procedure where the male reproductive tract is re-attached after they had been cut during the vasectomy procedure. Vasectomy is a permanent procedure for birth control. The surgery is more complicated and its rate of success depends on the time between the reversal and vasectomy. If the reversal is done after four or five years, the success rate and chances of pregnancy can be very less. The whole procedure takes three to four hours followed by a three-week recovery. No sexual activities should be performed in the recovery period.

When should it be done

The success rate increases to 80% when the reversal procedure is done within three years of vasectomy. It is taken up if, after vasectomy, you want to be fertile or want to conceive again. Before the reversal, the doctor will make sure that you were fertile before the procedure.

Vasectomy reversal gold coast

The Vasectomy reversal cost gold coast is anywhere from $2000 to $12000 which includes the surgeon’s fee as well as the hospital fee. The technique used for the cost reverse vasectomy gold coast is the Owen-3 Microsurgical reversal technique which is complex in nature and takes up to three hours. The reverse vasectomy price gold coast includes the high level of technology used such as the ultrasound method to study the area well before performing the surgery. The surgeons who perform the surgery have a minimum experience of ten years who utilize a microscope which is included in the vasectomy reverse price gold coast.

Things to keep in mind

● The high-risk factor needs to be considered. There is a chance of injury to the nerves and infection during the surgery.

● The next important thing to keep in mind is the insurance policy. The procedure may or may not be included according to the individual policy chosen.

● As compared to any surgical procedure, even a reversal has some side effects namely; swelling and pain but it has no affect what so ever on the urinary tract.

● Always keep alternatives open. There are other popular methods for conceiving and being fertile again such as the IVF. But the IVF is a much more expensive option.

● The reversal procedures can be done any number of times but the success rate may vary, i.e. it may improve the chances the second time around or it may reduce it.
Misconceptions and risks

Vasectomy reversal is not always possible. In some cases, the surgeon is not able to connect successfully resulting in infection.

● The reversal procedure is generally a painless surgery but there could be complications with the Anastasia and even after the surgery where the patient can experience swelling.

● Any urologist is completely allowed to refuse the surgery if it may cause problems. Vasectomy procedures also increase the chance for prostate cancer.


Go for a vasectomy procedure only if you are sure that you do not want to conceive. Vasectomy is a fairly permanent method for birth control. Even though a reversal procedure is safe, there is a high risk factor that needs to be considered where the whole procedure could be a failure.

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