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Big Technologies for your Small Company – How Investing in Smart Technologies can Give You The Edge You Need

Big Technologies for your Small Company – How Investing in Smart Technologies can Give You The Edge You Need

When you run a startup, you may feel like the way looks uphill. You have competitors that have been in your market for years already, with a huge customer base and more experience than you have. But don’t worry – your startup does have a chance to be successful, because you have a degree of freedom the big established companies do not. As a newly started company, you are free to take some chances and do some out of the box thinking. You can not stick to what the existing companies are doing, because they already do this well and you can’t compete on equal terms. What you can do, is do something they are not doing yet – and use that edge to propel you far in front of them. So why don’t the existing players just do the out of box thinking and avoid competitors like you? Because they can’t. They are big organizations now, with a lot of existing relationships to both customers and employees. It is a big ship, and turning it in any new direction contains risk and unknowns. As a small startup company, your ship is smaller and more agile. You can navigate the waters easily and make quick decisions. Another good point here is, that there are probably dozens if not hundreds of different ways one can do things differently – you only need to find one of them, but if an established company wants to avoid competition it would have to find all of them and invest and utilize them all. This is simply not going to happen, and therefore there is always an edge to be found.

An easy edge to gain is through technology. Everything that has to do with computers and interconnected devices is moving so fast, that nobody can keep up – least of all the big established companies, that are too risk-averse to be first movers on adobting new technologies.

Time is a limited resource, and the better you are able to utilize the time you have, the more efficiently you can work and grow your company. Any technology that helps you and your employees save time, is therefore a good place to look. Using Room Booking Software you avoid one of the biggest time wasters in todays companies. When you need to arrange a meeting for example, you need an available room. This usually involves contacting the secretary, who will look it up in her notebook or Excel sheet. Your company can skip this, and instead put up a Conference Room Schedule Display which shows what rooms are available, and even allows them to book them right then and there. Meetings are meant to solve problems, and the faster you can do that, the better your company will be.

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